Hi there & welcome to my site, I hope you find your way around it ok, I designed it myself you know!  Anyhow you can find out most of what is happening (or has happened so far) all on here, just click away at the links above for my latest live gigs etc. Below you can find my facebook,twitter & my youtube channel where you can view live clips of me doing my stuff. If you`ve been to one of my gigs & liked the set please leave your KIND! comments HERE

A group of friends and cycled from Blackpool Tower to the Eiffel Tower Paris this August to raise money for Brian house which is a children`s ward at the Trinity hospice in Blackpool. We made it there in one piece and are delighted to have raised £20K to build four new rooms to help make these poor kid`s lives a bit more comfortable. If you would like to donate to this lovely charity please donate direct at our just giving page HERE. We will be presenting them with a cheque very soon, but if you havent donated there is still time! x

I also occasionally  have been known to blog, you can read them HERE.

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